How to play Clash of Clans for Beginners 1

You may already be familiar with the game that is very popular today is the Clash of Clans, the game has a lot of character and level, so it makes you curious. Game COC is a strategy game that can compete with your friends. In this online game you are required to protect the village from enemy attack is by making a strategy to survive. Besides, players can also create an army to attack another enemy and to get a trophy and a definite source such as gems, gold and elixir.


If your design has been destroyed by the enemy, then you do not need to worry because the destroyed village will get a shield or protector so that the village can not be attacked again. Usually on each shield has a shield with Distinct time difference. For those of you who want to have their own clan, you can make by joining your friends and invite others to fight with the enemy other clans. Then there will arise the question of how the tips of Clans Clans play for beginners?

Keep Gems You Have

Gems is a green diamond in playing on the Clash of Clans can be used for several things like can be used to speed up the process of building and other processes. So basically these gems adalh muntuk speed up the process and shorten the time so you have to really use it here. Would that you keep these gems for purposes that are needed as building workers.

Attacked by forces

In this way you can choose the way of defense or too offensive. In regard to attack or defend the village, but for you who want to get a quick source you can attack another village. In general source such as gold is used to memengupgrade level town hall, defense weapons, and also the wall, while the elixir used to create forces, and also upgrade the source to produce more per hour.

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Battlefield Hardline Review – Multiplayer Joint craze

In Battlefield game I conclude Hardline sata multiplayer experience is very pleasant words. New modes like Heist, Blood Monet or Hotwire really makes multiplayer feels new and strange in a good way. Ie we take the example of the Heist mode you will switch roles and trying to break through a bank or maintain a bank of attacks by criminals. Feels like I’m playing a movie scene directly.


Hotwire mode on this game also says very exciting because you can control a variety of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars up to the helicopter. One person who drives a vehicle and the rest of attacking and shooting at the opponent and start survive or seize a vehicle opponent. You can forget about the shoot quickly or accurately and began to drive the brutal way.

But it is in this game there are drawbacks that you have played many times is cooperation, new modes of cooperation that requires compact to make it more exciting. Questions that make us dizzy cooperation is what you can get in online play? Maybe DotA or LoL, amounting to 5 people can still be arranged, but we’re talking puluha people who were playing together and all act as he wishes when each issue has a special purpose. So setekah trying to enjoy this multplayer mode for hours, then I finally realized that if this game is to be enjoyed then I took a lot of compact group of people. In this case it is very difficult to do.

But fortunately the Battlefield Hardline have classic deathmatch team mode. You only need to kill your enemies. But when you fight all the players who are 32 people with ease you will be shot. If this method to accelerate their gameplay notoriously slow then they do it too extreme because it is not uncommon I live to die within 2 seconds. Moreover spawn point also was not a draw.